Special Effects

The Worlds First Non-Hazardous, Non-Pyrotechnic Firework Simulator!

This NEW and exciting technology produces a spectacular, non-hazardous pyrotechnic effect like a traditional firework or pyrotechnic display. The system contains no explosive content making it perfect for any indoor or outdoor event from first dances, cake cutting to speeches. The system allows for stunning wedding displays of dancing sparks to be controlled in height, duration and sequence to create a spectacular enhancement to your event.

Champagne Sparkles

From £695 inc VAT

Be serenaded with a sparkle entrance as you are welcomed by your guests as you lead your way to the head table, or emphasise the speeches and toasts to the happy couple before creating a multiple great photo opportunity throughout the celebrations right up to the moment the cake is cut, and the first dance takes to the floor.

Options within the package for: • Wedding Breakfast Entrance • Speech Punctuations • Cake Cutting • Photo Opportunities • First Dance

The Sparkular system has a variety of advantages over traditional fireworks/pyrotechnics:
No hazardous materials or explosives
No burning debris
Low noise
Low smoke and odour
Minimal safety distance
Permitted on locations fireworks/pyrotechnics cannot
Displays of up to 15 minutes can be created from one installation.
Variable duration, height and density sequences can be created without reloading and as standalone displays or to music.
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